For accident assistance, call Orange Force at +65 6789 5000

Here’s what you can expect from our Orange Force at accident scenes.


The Orange Force rider, Benjamin Sim, took charge upon arrival and started to take details of all the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident. His efficiency put my mind at ease that there was someone there taking care of the details when I was still in a daze... If all of your riders are like Benjamin, all I can say is a job well done and it will be the reason that I will keep insuring with NTUC Income.

NTUC Income policyholder

Not only was Ram very helpful but I personally felt that he had gone the extra mile to convert a moment of confusion and panic to a moment of ease. He did not stop at just the first call but he guided me throughout my entire journey at ease.

NTUC Income policyholder

Roszliana calmly and efficiently saw to our needs, and rendered sound professional advice to us and the party involved. As we are also insured with NTUC Income, she took us through a detailed, step-by-step instruction of what to do for the next 24 hours, and the different scenarios and options available to us.

NTUC Income policyholder

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