Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q:How do I update my personal particulars? 19MAYCYTEST


    You can update your particulars via the following options:

    • Fill up, sign and attach documents to the “Change of Personal Particulars” form using your devices (i.e. Mobile, Tablet, and PC). Click here to sign!
    • Log in to me@income. You have the option of retrieving your personal details from MyInfo on the Update Particulars page after logging in.

    Required supporting documents:

    • Please provide a clear copy front and back copy of NRIC/FIN card or passport for verification
    • For change of Name, NRIC, or date of birth, please attach a copy of documentary proof (E.g. Copy of deed poll or Updated NRIC).
    • For update of address, if the new address is not reflected in your NRIC, please submit a proof of address (E.g. Bank statements, Telephone/Utility bills, Rental agreement, or Government agency letter (not more than 6 months old)

    For more information, please go to FAQs page and select "Updating of personal particulars" under the "Customer Service" FAQs.

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