Which Gym Or Yoga Studio Is The Best Fit For You?

By Yong Jun Chow, 27 June 2018 5401

We are already at the halfway mark of 2018! We have all made our new year resolutions of keeping fit, being healthier, and maybe losing some weight. How are you keeping up with these resolutions? If you’ve yet to get started, you still have a good 6 months to work on your goals. The first step is always the hardest – But, we’ve shortlisted some of the best gyms in Singapore for you to consider visiting. With the evaluation of gyms out of the way, all you need to do is to pack your gym bag and head out of the door.

We’ve categorised the gyms according to potential priorities you may have. Whatever is important to you, we have a gym recommendation to keep you covered.


Some early birds advocate exercising bright and early - they say it wakes them up and gets them all geared up for the day.

While others prefer to exercise after a day's work as a way to wind down and take their mind off work.
Whichever you prefer, this affects your choice of gym because you have to find out what's open when you want to exercise! With the growing exercise culture in Singapore, there are even some gyms that operate 24-hours.
If you want to squeeze in a lunchtime workout, then the next factor is going to be even more important for you!


Some of my co-workers use the gym in the same building even though the membership is a little pricey, but they swear that the premium is definitely worth it. They can choose to come to office a little earlier, skip the morning commute crowd, go for a workout, shower and still be on time for work!

Someone even mentioned to me that he goes for a lunchtime class, takes a refreshing shower and comes back to work feeling more energetic.

Ideally, the gym should be within walking distance to your home or office but location really depends on chance (there's no way you're going to move or find a job just to be near your preferred gym).

Yoga Inc and Platinum Yoga are yoga studiosthat have nationwideoutlets. Their locations cover the central areas of Singapore, as well as the heartlands like Tampines, Punggol, Westgate and Marine Parade. It’s definitely worth it to get a fitness membership that is near your house and your work place – Giving you added convenience whenever you have the urge to burn off some calories!


The price of a gym membership can vary a lot based on so many factors. Location, facilities and services all play a part.

A high-end gym with the latest equipment and a variety of classes in the CBD is bound to be way more expensive than others.

It's all understandable - rent, maintenance of the place, etc but price is something that we cannot ignore. It is just unrealistic to pay through your nose just to keep fit.

If budget is one of your priorities, then ActiveSG is right for you - it's affordable and offers quite a range of programmes around the island! Find out more about their exciting programs here.

In addition to an abundance of programmes, unlike other gyms that have age restrictions, ActiveSG has facilities that cater to all ages – They have swimming pools, gyms and fields if you fancy a game of soccer! This will ensure that all your family members and friends are included in your new year resolution.

However, if you still can’t find the programmes you’re looking for, the next pointer is for you.

Facilities & Classes

The fitness world is always changing. Research brings us new ways to exercise effectively and efficiently - from aerobics to cross-fit, body pump to spinning, it all depends on what you enjoy.

If you're someone who's fairly routine and only use the treadmill and weights, then you can always opt for a smaller basic gym. However, if you're always looking to try out new classes, new fitness options, then you need to find one that offers this variety.
One good option is Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa, which offers a variety of dance, cardio, yoga classes and even includes spa and massage for days when you just need to relax and take care of yourself. Amore provides unique state-of-the art gym equipment specially designed for women, which is a definite plus point. If you’re a man, don’t worry – Their Tampines outlet allows for both male and females. (Ps, their Tampines outlet has a pool too!) 

Regardless of which gym membership you choose, remember that a healthy lifestyle includes more than just exercise - you also have to eat well, sleep well, and manage stress well.

Income’s Orange Health programme is here to help you track your lifestyle and reward you for all the little healthy activities that you do. Checking into any of the gyms above to show that you’ve made effort to hit the gym would get you Oh! points, which can be exchanged for vouchers and rewards. These rewards and perks are a great way to encourage you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle and keep you motivated to attain your new year resolutions! Download your app now.