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06 April 2019 405

What Travelling With My Kids Taught Me

Before kids, my husband and I loved travelling. Two kids later, we’ve discovered that trave...

19 March 2019 485

6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is A Must-Have For Travel With Kids

What's that saying about the best laid plans always going awry? When you're travelling wi...

19 March 2019 6313

6 Tips for Travelling with Teens

If you have teens at home, you’ll know that have their own ideas of what’s fun and wo...

27 December 2018 4897

5 Travel Adventures That Will Change Your Views On Life

For those of you who are looking for new travel adventures, here are five travel adventures recom...

12 November 2018 7069

Unique Asian Destinations For December Getaways

Ready to discover your new favourite Asian cities? Let’s get flying!

08 November 2018 2930

Travel Cancellations, Delays and Postponements: Will Your Insurer Pay Out?

Under what circumstances will you get your travel insurance claim accepted if your trip is can...

29 September 2018 3805

5 Tips to Travel in Winter to London

Whether you're an Instagrammer, serial shopper or adventure seeker, your winter trip to Londo...

12 September 2018 4148

Top 5 Practical Tips for Travellers going to Egypt (2018 Edition)

For those who are still considering whether Egypt should be the next on your travel bucket list, ...

22 August 2018 3262

5 things on your to-do list when your child goes abroad to study

If your child is going off for an overseas exchange soon, here are some things that should be ...

19 July 2018 1542

Europe Travels: A Complete Guide For Backpacking In Berlin

Covering the best destinations, accommodation and transport for Berlin.

18 June 2018 5416

5 Wellness Tips on how to keep healthy on a holiday

Enjoy a stress-free vacation while still achieving those fitness goals

10 June 2018 2218

Travelling Solo? Here are Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some practical tips to help any solo traveller ensure their safety when along on the road.

12 April 2018 4726

3 Ways to Exchange Your Currency Online

Exchanging your currency can be a hassle, but these three online alternatives may help with your ...

30 May 2017 1106

5 Best food in South Korea!

Whether it’s because you’ve seen your favourite idols wolfing down that Budae Jjigae ...

22 May 2017 1227

Experiences to add to your Bucket List!

The off-the-beaten-path travel experience is one that's only rising in popularity, because tr...

24 April 2017 1005

How to be an Explorer of the World when Travelling with Kids

Travelling with children is no small matter. However, becoming a parent doesn't mean sacrific...

17 April 2017 1168

5 Tips for Travelling to Hong Kong

What time is it? Summertime! While Singapore may be the tropical equivalent of Arendelle in Disne...

09 March 2017 1987

The Best Things To Do in Bangkok with Kids

To escape the bustle of school and work, Bangkok is a perfect paradise that has always been a fav...

26 October 2016 886

9 Obligatory Stops in Bangkok Within 24 hours

There's much to see and do in the Land of Smiles. Thailand's capital city is famed for it...

26 October 2016 1035

7 Unconventional Places to Include in Your Traveller’s Bucket List Now

We often travel to destinations with tried-and-tested itineraries. But this also takes away some ...

02 November 2017 698

The Rise of Chatbots: How They Can Help You With Insurance and Retirement

Getting travel insurance or retirement planning information after normal business hours can be a ...

19 February 2019 391

Setouchi Triennale 2016 - tips on island hoping for art

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