Travel Hack: An Insider’s Guide To Airline Upgrades

By Rupika Sharma, 23 February 2018 3443

Has your heart ever fluttered thinking about flying in style to your destination in first class cabins? Boarding the plane and finding passengers sitting in business class seats, sipping pre-departure beverages in their roomy seats sure creates a strong desire to relish the seemingly super-exclusive luxury ourselves. But it’s not impossible! 

So, why not try it out? Upgrades might cost you extra bucks, whether they are payable in the form of money, points redemption, or trip promo. But, there are ways using which you can get an airline upgrade without shedding a lot of money. Interested yet? Read the perks of airline upgrades and our suggestions on how to secure them.

Perks Of Airline Upgrade


By Alex Beltyukov, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The luxuries of business class would tease the realms of your imagination. Spacious cabins, welcome champagnes, high-end entertainment systems, cushy comforts and fine dining - all are comforts that you can enjoy with an upgrade. 

Easy Boarding And Comfort Seating 

You get to breeze in before the hustle bustle of the crowd and enjoy your welcome beverage in a lavish style. The seating and luxuries here are a killer. Reclining seats, private suites, and lie-flat beds! What more can you wish for!

Luxurious Amenities 

Designer kits having toiletries, skincare products, perfumes, lounge-wear, and massage features at some airlines notch up your flight to the zenith of bliss. The in-flight entertainment elements can include flat and wide screens, WiFi connectivity and lots more.

Fine Dining And On-board Lounges


By Hajime NAKANO [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Forget the out-of-the-box aeroplane food! Say hello to first-class culinary experience with a wide choice of menu, on-board cafe service and bars. You can leave your seat behind to socialize at exclusive stand-up bar area with five-star standard snacks to match. Emirates website mentions the delightful gourmet dishes, inflight entertainment and Bulgari amenity kits. Read more about it here.

Common Scenarios for Upgrade

Some airlines offer bid-to-upgrade options on select routes and fares types for premium economy and business class. Be in the look-out for such scenarios. Though, you won’t find out the result of bidding until 24-48 hours of departure. 

Keep an eye out for last-minute airline promos sent via email or text or even at check-in counter, and in-flight entertainment screens giving last-minute announcements. You sure don’t want to miss the golden opportunity for an upgrade.
While you are utilising these travel hacks to travel in your dream cabin, make sure you are well covered with a comprehensive travel insurance so that you can fly in style with no worries. Income’s Travel Insurance covers you for trip delay, missed connections and even trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Learn more and protect yourself before your upcoming holiday!